With our unrivalled network of customs brokerage offices, we understand better than anyone difficulties of cross border trade. Our highly efficient customs brokerage, clearance and compliance service is designed to take the complexity out of the customs process. As well as moving your goods seamlessly across international borders, we ensure complete security in challenging environments and provide insurance against unforeseen events.


Custom Clearance is often seen to be one of the major headaches in the distribution process; stories of endless delays and added cost abound throughout the industry.

As one of the world’s largest customs brokers, filing several million entries every year, we offer a specialized Custom Clearance Service designed to minimize the problems, costs and hold-ups and ensure consignments are delivered on time and hassle free. We negotiate complex international shipping regulations on your behalf at offices located at every major global port, airport and border crossing point.

We understand that each consignment is unique and that different customs rules apply to different products – food regulations will differ from electronic goods which will differ from furniture, and so on – and so we have made it our business to be aware of every customs directive that exists.

We also works closely with the world’s regulatory authorities, such as the WCO (World Customs Organisation) and the European Commission.

Our long-standing relationships with customs authorities mean we can provide a best in class service for our customers. And with customs getting more complex these days, even freely-circulating goods have to be reported to the appropriate authorities. That’s why our customs experts see to it that your goods get to their final, intra-community and international destination with minimum complication and maximum efficiency. With our consultancy and secondment services, you have a holistic customs partner of unmatched expertise, close at hand.

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Complementing its transportation services  UPS-UKRAINE  can upon request arrange your freight insurance.

Customers who utilize freight insurance set-up by UPS-UKRAINE can significantly reduce the financial impact associated with physical loss or damage of shipments due to external causes.

We offer an extremely flexible service and can place cover for unusual or difficult situations, working with underwriters who are represented in more than 130 countries.

We arrange cargo insurance on a per-shipment basis and can provide insurance solutions for your full cargo program.

Goods worth many billion Euros are lost or stolen every year, in Europe alone. In spite of the high quality and performance of  UPS-UKRAINE’s transportation solutions, shipment damage or loss can also affect our customers due to external causes.

Cargo can be insured on a per-shipment basis, or we can provide insurance solutions for your entire cargo program. And no matter where the shipment takes place, you’ll only have to deal with your local claim handling center.

In addition to arranging shipment insurance,  UPS-UKRAINE takes a variety of proactive measures to ensure your freight’s safety. Comprehensive surveillance, padlocks, clamps and alarm systems; trucks marked on the roof with a license plate or a tactical number for aerial surveillance, emergency hotlines, second drivers on board – there are many things we are doing to protect your shipment throughout its journey.

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