Whether it is general correspondence, direct mail, catalogs, publications, invoices or parcels, we will work with you to create a flexible, cost effective solution to meet your mail fulfillment and distribution needs.

Europe… Asia… The Americas…Even Africa and Australia. We can deliver your mail or parcel. And with our International Mail Service, UPS-UKRAINE¬†will help you get the most from it.

Whatever international delivery you need to make, wherever it needs to go, as a carrier with an integrated network spanning over more than 200 countries we’ve got people on the ground ready to deliver your goods across the globe.

* Additional services offered by country

Weight:max. 100 kg
Dimensions:max. 60 x 60 x 120 cm
(indicative and varies by country)
Delivery times :Average delay of 2 to 5 days depending on destination (excluding transmission approach)
Delivery:Number of delivery attempts varies by country
Handling:Localized postage 
Collection, Cross-docking, and transportation approach 
Information technology: management of shipping documents
Security:Delivery tracking 
Shipping Information 
Basic insurance 
Additional insurance*
Proof of delivery*
Other:OtherGoGreen*: compensation program for CO2 emissions of your shipments
Basic featuresPick-up
Packaging & Labeling
Simple Track & Trace
Information on Delivery (IOD)
Return of undeliverable items
Basic insurance
Customs clearance
Additional featuresDelivery attempts by local standards
Additional insurance
(Customized) returns management